Kindergarten/Transitional Kindergarten(TK)

Kindergarten/Transitional Kindergarten(TK)
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Mrs. LeMahieu Mrs. Bilco Mrs. Clayton Mrs. Farrington
Mrs. LeMahieu(TK) Mrs. Bilco(K) Mrs. Clayton(K) Mrs. Farrington(K)




Mrs. Tami Bilco:
  • California native
  • UCSB graduate
  • Over 20 years of teaching experience in special education and general education
  • Married with two children


Mrs. Christina Clayton:
  • California native
  • UCSB graduate, BA and Masters in Education
  • Over 20 years of service in GUSD (Isla Vista, Brandon, and La Patera)
  • Married with two daughters


We believe in forming an individual relationship with each child. We constantly strive to meet our students at their level and help them to stretch as learners. We teach with hands-on materials and experiences. We teach to different learning styles, including musical, logical, kinesthetic, social and natural styles. We promote activities which encourage academic, as well as, social growth.

We recognize that students working together on projects or in play teaches valuable life skills. As kindergarten teachers, we work together as a team to share ideas and provide the best program we possibly can.



We teach the Common Core Standards in all academic areas. In each classroom we use a variety of activities to engage students in learning and achieving personal and academic growth. Additionally, students attend art, science, music, computer lab, garden, P.E. and library with specialist teachers.



Our number one goal is that students will read (or be read to) daily. Language arts and math activities may be assigned at the teacher’s discretion depending on student need.


Field Trips:

Pumpkin Patch at Lane Farms

Santa Barbara Airport and Fire Station #8

Fairview Gardens

District Kitchen



School Supply List:

Regular size backpack


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